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Small six fingered spring..£12.00 +VAT

Medium six fingered spring..£14.00 +VAT

Large six fingered spring..£16.00 +VAT

Indicator arrow..£5.00 +VAT

Centre bolt                      ..£8.00 +VAT

Centre Bolt Nut..£9.00 +VAT

Brass grease retaining pressing..£8.00 +VAT

Brass 1 inch diameter spring washer..    £6.00 +VAT

Wooden Discs..              £7.50 +VAT

Top Chassis mounting bracket..£10.00 +VAT

Chassis mounting shaft..£32.00 +VAT

Bottom angle mounting brackets fits

 under spring  ..        £20.00 +VAT

Large rear main clamping disc..£36.00 +VAT

Medium rear main clamping disc..      £34.00 +VAT

All arms made in spring steel..      £25.00 +VAT


Completeshock absorber..              £375.00 +VAT



Bentley & Draper

New parts for your Hartford 298/100 Shock Absorbers supplied for you to fit yourself. Alternatively we can recondition your shock absorbers for you. To order any of the parts please contact us via phone or email, we are happy to advise you on the parts that you need for your shockabsorbers.

All prices are + Vat Prices are subject to change, contact us for up exact price



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