Wooden Friction Disc

Wooden Friction Disc

1 1/2" inside hole diameter

5mm thick

3 1/2" o/d                               £6.00


Type 302 and 101

New parts for your Hartford Shock Absorbers supplied for you to fit yourself. Alternatively we can recondition your shock absorbers for you. To order any of the parts please contact

us via phone or email, we are happy to advise you on the parts that you need for your shockabsorbers.



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Brass Rivet on Disc

Brass Rivet on Disc


3 1/2" o/d 13/16" i/d                £7.00


Fixing Washer for Brass Disc Rivet On and Rivets

Fixing washer and rivets

For use with rivet on brass disc

1 1/2" o/d 13/16" i/d                                          

                  £3.25 (includes 3 rivets)

Backing Washer

Backing Washer


3" o/d 9/16" i/d                      £12.50  


Rounded End Spirder Spring

Rounded end spider spring


3" o/d 9/16" i/d                      £13.00


Pointer Arrow

Pointer Arrow

As fitted to rounded end spider spring type shock absorbers


Flat Spring Washer

Flat Spring Washer

For use under pointer but above spider spring

9/16" i/d                                 £0.60

Bronze Pivot Boolt Bush

Bronze Pivot Bolt Bush


13/16" - 9/16"                         £4.50

Cente Bolt Seal

Centre Bolt Seal

For use on rounded end spider spring type shock absorbers


Nut 14mm - 1

Centre bolt Nut

For use on 9/16" centre bolt type shock absorbers

14mm - 1.5 thread                   £3.00


Center Bolt hex head

Centre Bolt with a Hex Head

Avilable in different lengths under head

9/16 " o/d x 3" long                  £7.50                                              

9/16" o/d x  2 1/2" long            £7.25    9/16"- o/d x 2 1/8" long            £7.00

Centre Bolt Round Head
Steel Tube for end fixing with tapered ends

Steel Tube for end fixing

Tapered Ends


Rubber end bush

Rubber end bush


to fit 1 1/8" i/d hole                  £4.00


Large rubber bush on left only

Silent Block Bush

Centre Bolt round head

Two flats on collar avilable in different lengths under domed head

9/16" o/d x 3.250" long            £8.25

9/16" o/d x 3.000" long            £8.00

9/16" o/d x 2.312" long            £7.50

Silentbloc Bush

For use on pinch bolt type shock absorbers only

1 1/4" o/d - 9/16" i/d


Castle Nut taper Face

Castle Nut with a Tapered Face

For use on rubber bushed  type shockabsorbers 1/2" BSF thread


Mounting Bolts

Mounting Bolts

80.65mm long Hexagon middle Shoulder                               £11.50                                             30.75mm long Hexagon middle Shoulder                               £13.50

17.70mm long Hexagon middle Shoulder                               £13.50

4.70mm long Hexagon middle   Shoulder                               £13.50  

Alloy End Block


No Bushes                           £27.50

Alloy End Block with bronze bushes


Washers for Alloy Block

Washers for Alloy Block

Tag Washer 9/16" i/d               £1.75

Wooden Washer 9/16" i/d        £2.00

Belville Washer 9/16" i/d          £1.75


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