Hartford Motorbike friction fork shock absorbers & steering damper

New parts for your Hartford Shock Absorbers supplied for you to fit yourself. Alternatively we can recondition your shock absorbers for you. To order any of the parts please contact us via phone or email, we are happy to advise you on the parts that you need for your shockabsorbers.

Click on the pictures for a larger image, also use the drop down menu at the top for parts for specific shock absorbers.

Motorbike Name Disk

Motorbike Namedisc
2.500" od 0.400" id
£8.00 each


Motorbike steering damper Namedisc
2.500" od x 1.423" id
£12.00 each

Spider spring parrell legged

Spider spring taper legged

Back discs

Pointer arrow

Centre bolt & nut

Wooden friction discs