Hartford Shock Absrobers

We make all the shock absorbers on site ourselves
We make the English shock absorbers to the Inch, 1/2" or 1/4" increments
We make the European shock absorbers to the 5mm or 10mm increments
There are many different type of Hartford shock absorbers please see "New hartfords for sale" for pictures of most but not all types.
It is not always possible to read the namedisc or the wrong one might of been fitted, to help you identify your type of shock absorber the main differences are:-

  • Centre bolt diameter, 9/16"centre bolt = 101, 103/5, 298, 302, 306. 1/2" Centre bolt = 502, 506
  • Friction disc diameter
  • Arm blade edge rolled around friction disc (100, 101, 103/5 298, 302, 306) or flat arm blade (502, 506)
  • Type of fitting to axle or chassis Alloy bloc (100, 101, 103/5) or rubber bush (All others)
  • Type of fitting at end of arm Riveted on casting/pressing or tubular fitting not riveted
  • Straight sided pressure spring (100, 101, 103/5, 298, 302, 306) or tapered sided pressure spring (502, 506)